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MCA Application and characteristics
Announcer:宏泰基  Posted on:2017/12/9 8:41:32  CTR:854
MCA is used as an effective flame retardant, primarily for electrical & electronic applications (connectors, switches, housings, etc) made from polyamide or TPU. 
In unfilled or mineral filled compounds it gives a UL94 V-0 rating; in glass filled system only a UL94 V-2 rating is possible. 
1. MCA is a halogen-free flame retardant. Being halogen free also results in significant advantages in terms of fire safety, i.e. lower smoke density, lower smoke toxicity and less corrosion. 
2. With sublimation temperature the highest 440℃, MCA has a high thermal resistance and a good thermal stability in the processing. 
3. Addition levels of MCA are relatively low, giving good economics and mechanical properties compared to compounds containing halogen/antimony flame retardant systems. 
4. Lower corrosion offers advantages in the processing stage or fire hazard.