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Which Chinese flame retardant factory is the best
Announcer:宏泰基  Posted on:2017/12/7 9:06:48  CTR:840
   Hongtaiji will establish a dedicated, enterprising spirit of enterprise, the steady development of a step by step. Hongtaiji has made many  achievements in environmental friendly flame retardant
   the main sales of ,  polyolefin halogen-free flame retardant engineering plastics,halogen-free flame retardant (FR-244), acrylic acid (FR-102) halogen-free flame retardant, elastomer halogen-free flame retardant (FR-603), microencapsulated red phosphorus, melamine pyrophosphate and melamine cyanide (MPP) urate (MCA). The products are constantly mature in practice, and make their products conform to the ROHS instruction and REACH standard. The products have obtained the consensus of the customers.
  As in the past to Hongtaiji  will be customer demand, product quality and enthusiastic service in the first place. We always adhere to the strategy of sustainable development and the win-win business philosophy, and make progress together with customers to create brilliance together.