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Red phosphorus & flame retardant masterbatch
Announcer:asd  Posted on:2016/8/17 16:34:05  CTR:1033
  Chemical production and application of which we often hear people say white phosphorus, yellow phosphorus, red phosphorus, can be seen from their names, that is, different colors of phosphorus. However, white phosphorus and yellow phosphorus refers to a substance is white phosphorus is partially oxidized to form a yellow waxy solid, and chemically speaking, white phosphorus and red phosphorus belong to allotropism, as diamond with graphite, belong to the same Different elemental elements.
  Structure and properties of chemical structure that determines the nature of red phosphorus and white phosphorus has a very different structure, their nature is not the same. Red phosphorus in the air stable, white phosphorus in the air spontaneous combustion; red phosphorus basic non-toxic, white phosphorus is highly toxic; red phosphorus can be used as flame retardants, white phosphorus can be used for incendiary bombs. Structure of the composition of the white phosphorus by the P4 molecule, the molecular structure of the phosphorus atoms are tetrahedron, red phosphorus is also composed of P4 molecules, but the composition of the molecules have a break and polymerization, the formation of polymer structure, therefore, can Said red phosphorus is an inorganic polymer material. Its formula can be written as (P4) n (n represents the degree of polymerization).
  Red phosphorus (RP), or red phosphorus, the appearance of red to deep purple powder, insoluble in water, dilute acid and many organic solvents, but slightly soluble in anhydrous ethanol, phosphorus trichloride and sodium hydroxide solution. Red phosphorus air heated to 200 ° C when the fire generates P2O5, in addition, red phosphorus in chlorine can also be heated when heated. As the red phosphorus phosphorus element in a low state (zero), and KClO3, KMnO4, peroxide and other strong oxidants blending,
An explosion may occur if the conditions are appropriate.