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Is acrylic latex a fire retardant?
Announcer:asd  Posted on:2016/8/17 16:35:12  CTR:919
Acrylic latex paint Features:
1, weatherability: acrylic latex paint and UV-resistant chemicals in the environment erosion, with excellent weathering performance.
2, gloss: acrylic latex paint film colorful, high gloss. Special formula of metallic flash paint with polarizing effect.
3, alkali resistance: acrylic latex paint with excellent alkali resistance, to prevent the film fade.
4, water resistance: acrylic latex paint waterproof performance and excellent scrubbing performance.
5, adhesion: acrylic latex paint with a variety of types of substrate has good adhesion.
Acrylic latex paint generally by the acrylic emulsion, together with the pigments and fillers, water and various additives in the latex paint. Acrylic latex paint performance and comprehensive, good performance can be adjusted, no organic solvent release, can be made of light, semi-light, plain and other internal and external latex paint.