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The principle of aluminum hydroxide as flame retar
Announcer:asd  Posted on:2016/8/17 16:37:24  CTR:908
  Aluminum trihydrate (ATH) is an acid, halogen-free flame retardant for a variety of plastics. Both compounds can be decomposed by endothermic reaction according to the following reaction formula: 2Al (OH) 3 ---> Al2O3 + 3H2O
The gaseous aqueous phase is considered to be able to cover the flame, so that oxygen can be excluded and the flammable gas can be diluted. Similar to the function of coke formation with phosphorus-containing flame retardants, an insulating material is formed on the surface of the material contacting the flame, reducing the possibility of combustion decomposition products flowing into the combustion gas phase. In the above reaction formula, the decomposed product is a non-toxic mineral phase.

  Aluminum hydroxide at room temperature, high chemical stability, heat up to 220 degrees after the endothermic decomposition, the release of three crystal water, decomposition type, per gram of aluminum hydroxide heat up to 878J, the temperature at 300 degrees, the loss of two Crystallization of water into a boehmite. Above the endothermic dehydration process delayed the combustion of the polymer, aluminum hydroxide is equivalent to a radiator, slowing down the combustion rate, while the release of water vapor, not only dilute the combustion of gas, but also involved in the condensation phase reaction, endothermic decomposition is based on Aluminum hydroxide decomposition of a large number of endothermic, and the decomposition of the heat release only when the steam, and not produce toxic, flammable or corrosive gases, so aluminum hydroxide as a flame retardant filler, both filling, Smoke triple function, making it the material industry caused special attention filler.