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Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant
Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant
Product Name:Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant
Product Description:Magnesium hydroxide Molecular formula: Mg (OH) 2 Magnesium hydroxide Molecular weight: 58.32
Product Details:
Magnesium hydroxide Molecular formula: Mg (OH) 2 Magnesium hydroxide Molecular weight: 58.32
Magnesium hydroxide; Magnesium hydroxide; Magnesium hydroxide; Magnesium hydroxide
Magnesium hydroxide density: 2.36g / cm3; magnesium hydroxide is insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in dilute acid and ammonium salt solution, is a medium-strong (magnesium hydroxide); Base. The solubility in water (18 ℃) 0.0009g / 100g, easy to absorb carbon dioxide in the air, heated to 200 ° C in alkaline solution above into a hexagonal crystal system, at 350 ° C decomposition of magnesium oxide and water, Above 500 ° C the lost water turns to magnesium oxide. A particle size of 1.5 to 2 μm, a mesh number of 10,000, and a whiteness of 95 or more.
Magnesium hydroxide is currently recognized in the rubber and plastics industry with flame retardant, smoke suppression, filling the three functions of the excellent flame retardant. It has the characteristics of halogen-free, low smoke, non-toxic, anti-dripping, acid-proof, tasteless, good stability, non-volatilization, high decomposition temperature and non-corrosive equipment. It is the first choice material for organic high polymer. Magnesium hydroxide flame retardants release bound water by thermal decomposition, absorb a large amount of latent heat to reduce the surface temperature of flame-filled synthetic materials in it, and have the function of inhibiting the decomposition of polymer and cooling the generated combustible gas . The decomposition of magnesium oxide is a good refractory material, but also can help improve the fire resistance of synthetic materials. At the same time it emits water vapor can also be used as a smoke suppressant.
The production of inorganic flame retardant magnesium hydroxide has a small particle size (5000-7500 mesh) particle size uniformity, high specific volume Peng degree of good, easy mixing and refining, flame retardant effect is good, can significantly improve the polymerization Flame retardant, smoke suppression, anti-thawing effect, and at the same time with the role of filling. For rubber, nylon, plastics, paints, coatings, paper and other industries filled with flame retardant.
Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant technical indicators:
Item Indicators%
MgO% ≥ 65
Specific gravity g / cm3 2.40
Mohs hardness 2.50
Wet water temperature
Thermal weight loss% ≤ 31.0
Moisture% (110 ℃) ≤ 0.8
Whiteness% ≥ 93
PH 10 ± 1
Particle size 3000 mesh ~ 7000 mesh