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Microcapsule flame retardant related knowledge
Announcer:asd  Posted on:2016/8/17 16:19:45  CTR:480
  Plastic is widely used in industry, agriculture and daily life, but almost all of the plastic are easy to burn, and some of the plastic will also burn a lot of harmful gases and smoke, so the flame retardant and flame retardant plastic is a major problem. Flame retardant technology in plastics, the addition of effective flame retardant is currently widely used, according to rough statistics, the world's 65% flame retardant 70% for flame retardant plastic.
  Microcapsule technology used in flame retardants, is developed in recent years, a new technology circle.
  Microcapsules, also known as microspheres, are microcapsules that encapsulate solid or liquid droplets using natural or synthetic polymer materials. The diameter of a capsule is generally between 1 and 1000 m. The wrapping film is called a wall material, and the material to be wrapped is called a core material. When applied, the prepared microcapsules are mixed with a polymeric material or other material, applied to the substrate being used, and the microcapsules are ruptured by heating, pressurizing or radiating, releasing the encapsulated material to produce the desired , Or does not destroy the encapsulated membrane, the encapsulated material is diffused outwardly through the encapsulated membrane to produce control properties.
The advantage of microcapsule technology is the formation of microcapsules, the capsule is coated with the external environment isolation, its properties can be retained without any impact, and in the appropriate conditions, the wall material can be destroyed when the core Release, which brings a lot of convenience to the application of sleepy.
  Flame retardant microencapsulation technology can be improved from the following aspects of the flame retardant.
  A) gas, liquid flame retardant after microencapsulation into a solid flame-retardant Jing 'Kyrgyzstan access deficit engine Xingxiong Kun force mouth.